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Digital Marketing is essential for increasing your performance and authority in the online world.

90% of people who perform an online search use Google, so its crucial for you to appear higher in those search results, and maximize your visibility for your potential customers.


Is it really something you can afford to neglect?

Search Engine Optimization for small UK businesses in the West Midlands and beyond

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Are you looking for SEO in the West Midlands area?


We are a friendly, professional SEO agency based in the UK, dedicated to managing social media and search engine rankings. Providing you with high quality SEO Services for all kinds of businesses; whether that be to save you the brain ache or simply because you don't have the time to spend.


Every successful business deserves an equally successful online presence, and we strive to do just that. With our UK SEO Services we aim to drive increased traffic, a social media following, and a higher authority in the community like never before.

Can I do digital marketing myself?

Search engine optimization at it's very basic level is reasonably easy to grasp providing you have technical knowledge, but unfortunately diving deeper is what will get you the results your looking for.


Maybe you are capable of learning such, but do you have the time? or resources? SEO can be difficult, Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms making it increasingly difficult to pull ahead, so if you really want results, you need an expert at hand.

Marketing services tailored to your business

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Technical SEO

Our UK SEO experts will use their unique knowledge to improve your search engine rankings through the process of technical SEO, giving you an edge over your competitors.

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Local SEO

Our team will implement local SEO into your strategy to make sure your potential customers can find your brand, literally putting you on the map.

Mobile SEO

With such a big share of search engine users performing queries on a mobile device, it is essential to optimize for their needs.

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Social Media Manager

Social Media campaigns controlled by our team to achieve increased traffic and awareness of your business. A must have for business visibility.

Website Design

SEO is not worth the money nor time if your visitors are turned away by how your website looks and feels. Treat your business to a fresh website design ready for its traffic.

So why choose us over bigger, more reputable agencies?

  • The passion lies with the industry, not the money. It may sound cliche, but our clients' success is just as important to us as our own. Which is why we will never take on more clients than we can handle. Whenever you need to pick up the phone we'll be there.

  • We don't just take the paycheque and fill your inbox with false statistics and reports, we work with you to grow your brand and give it the visibility it deserves. Your goals are our goals.

  • It's our passion to work with companies we believe in and we pride ourselves on the relationships we build along the way. We're not just an expense, we're an investment, a parter of your success. 

Search Engine Optimization
Why Do i need it?



mobile overview

With the majority of users performing queries on a mobile device, not properly optimizing for this group can be incredibly costly.

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Social Media is a must for all business in this day and age. It's not just a great place to generate high quality leads, but also works as a great ranking signal for SEO.

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SEO is a hugely valuable process and can involve a large number of aspects depending on your budget.


3 Reasons to choose us

We are extremely dedicated in helping your business to succeed

We will go the extra mile to make sure you feel you have your moneys worth

We are a small team that devote our complete attention to all our clients

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