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Sovereign Marketing is a UK based SEO agency serving clients across the west midlands, dedicated to improving a business' social and online presence.

It is a small team run by James, a 24 year old with over 4 years of SEO experience working with clients across the country in various industries.

Our SEO services include a range of aspects depending on your budget. Our aim is to work with local, small to medium-sized business delivering our services at the highest of standards. As our team is relatively small, we have vowed to never take on more work than we can handle. We take pride in being extremely committed and having enough time for each and every client. We make your business our main priority.


SEO and its related services usually come with an incredibly high price tag, often in the thousands. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services we can whilst aligning our price with your businesses goals, budget, and financial standing. All of our online marketing services are reliable but at a fair price. Providing you with much-needed SEO services when you need them most.

Monthly reports are often provided by many agencies outlining new engagement and so forth, however, we are not one of them. Monthly reports often show statistics such as online traffic and engagement increases throughout channels such as social media. As they are not a true reflection of the work we are doing and have very little relevance to the end game, or strategy we are carrying out, we tend to only provide these only on request. We would much rather have a friendly sit down and talk things through with you to keep you updated on our progress.

If you wish to know more about a service provided please contact us through the page displayed above, one of our team will respond as soon as we can to ensure you have the best possible experience.

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