Having a high click-through rate (CTR) is incredibly important in terms of SEO.

CTR isn't just used to show off how good our website is, but instead, is an essential tool to analysing your Search Engine Optimization efforts. We can use it to accurately show our increasing organic traffic, or on the contrary, analyse what isn't working. It's a great aspect to utilise for anyone working on their SEO.

You should check your CTR on multiple pages, landing pages, your blog, whatever you deem necessary, and breakdown what you need to change to improve your rate. In addition to being a crucial base for analysis, Google loves a high click-through rate.

If you tend to have a very small CTR Google will see your site as less valuable to it's audience, after all, that's only common sense. If people are seeing your content but not engaging with it, then it may be a given it's not rich enough. So use the CTR calculator below to work out your rates.


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