Keyword Analysis is a crucial step in your SEO success


As you may know if you have done any research on SEO is that websites aren't stumbled upon by accident, they need a carefully devised strategy, and the first step to such a thing is your keyword research.

Your keywords are simply the words that best represent your site. They can be a mixture of words or short phrases that are used in a way so that your potential visitors can find you much easier.

When these keywords are properly implemented Googles algorithm will reward your site for it's efforts. Having a accurately analysed keyword list will ensure people find your business through a wider variety of performed searches. And as you may be aware, when you use Google to search for a recipe, video or a myriad of other queries there are millions of results, so giving your business the ability to appear in multiple of these result queries will exponentially increase your chances of being found.

Our team will analyse your website to find the most relevant keywords. These will be the phrases that match your brand and sites content as closely as possible. The more relevant your keywords are to your site the more Google will match your content with that searchers query.


In addition to analysing which keywords and phrases best fit your content there are also a number of other things to consider, one of the most important being competition. The more competition you have for a keyword the higher the keyword difficulty will be, in other words it will be harder to rank your site, especially for some keywords such as "Cola drink" or "Womens clothing" because your never going to rank higher than the giants who spend millions of £'s on advertising, no matter how good at SEO you are.

This is where our experts will analyse your competition and find the best keywords for YOUR business and it's content.

After we have analysed the perfect keywords we will begin to strategize on how to implement them. Unfortunately for us SEO workers it isn't as simple as "slapping" them on your website in any random order. As with everything in our industry, there's a science to it.

Keywords will need to be added to your site in such a way that pleases the almighty search engine bots. This will most of the time require a restructure of any existing text on your website. Don't worry, we will never change how your website looks or feels without your permission, we may just need to move some words around and replace them for a better outcome.

As we mentioned there are a huge number of aspects to consider when performing keyword analysis as well as the technical side of things. But our team will make sure this is done to the best of our abilities, after all, keyword analysis is the building foundation for your SEO.

If you would like to know more about the importance of keyword research you can always check out our blog.

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