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Optimizing your Holiday SEO

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Seasonal SEO is upon us

Its that time of year again when the holidays for 2019 are approaching. Although it may be far too early for some of you as Halloween is still around the corner; its something you need to start thinking about. As the saying goes "its never to early to start planning for the most wonderful time of the year".

This is the time of the year that people blast through a plethora of google searches and questions trying to find that "perfect gift" for their friends and family. If you optimize properly...this is something you can really capitalize on. Commonly known as "Seasonal SEO".

No matter your audience or what services/products you are offering, you don't want to waste anytime on starting. Maximize your visibility for the holidays and see those sales jump up.

So, here are a few tips to help with that Seasonal SEO

Update your keywords

Firstly you'll want to review your site and find out which pages you actually want to change. If you have a page or two that is performing really well then it's probably best to leave that alone.

Take a look at the content you want to change and tailor it around the current holiday, a great way to do this is take a look at Google Trends. This will let you view detailed trends around topics of the holiday, whats trending, products, and anything else people are frantically searching for.

Seasonal Pages

Something else we need to think about is setting up specific pages or even landing pages for the season. The easiest way to go would be to set up generic pages you see a lot of sites have, such as: "Best gifts for Moms" , "Best gifts for Brothers" and so on. As you can imagine from a little bit of research or even from your own personal experiences, a generic phrase like this is what a whole lot of people will be typing in to their search engines.

Remember to change your category pages, along with the title, and meta descriptions/tags to fit the upcoming season for each of these new pages.

Landing pages can also be linked to some of your specific seasonal pages to help boost them when need be.

Social Media

Social media will play a huge role in your online success for the holidays, granted this isn't entirely SEO but it is something you need to consider. Taking advantage of social media sites like pintrest and facebook (or whichever platform your customers rely on the most) can have a huge impact on your sales. A lot of people use places like these to store their lists or note down products, which on pintrest can be made public so others can find inspiration in your wishes.

This is also a great place to post your promotions and sales. Don't forget to write some seasonal content like gift guides, top 10 lists etc. Remember, the process isn't just for people selling their products, adjust your content where necessary to portray your business.


We know this isn't anything out of the ordinary or unusual, but you will have a lot smaller of a timescale to build your links, so you will need to work harder than you've ever worked before, to grind out those backlinks promoting your new seasonal content. You'll want to make sure this content is social media friendly, highly relatable, shareable and something that drives those customers right through your front door (Not literally!).


As mentioned before content is extremely important, which is no secret to us all. First of all, I've seen first hand, wayyyy too many times business's have reused previous years content and been careless, not altering the details. For example a site may have a page titled "Christmas gifts for 2016", they then reuse this content next year (which is perfectly fine, and actually very time saving) but forget to update this to 2017. This may be a minor detail but missing something like this could potentially make your entire seasonal SEO process pointless.

This is the time Google Trends also comes in handy. Find your niche, see whats trending and optimize your content based on what people are looking for. A lot of people in that particular market tend to use the same search queries.

Compassion may not be useful for everyone, but holidays are a time that people spend with their loved ones, but additionally a time people ponder the loved ones that they no longer have the chance to spend the holidays with. A lot of disasters have occurred recently and unfortunately will be in the back of many minds this holiday. There is no better time of the year to engage in your customers reality, and i don't mean to exploit, more...reassurance than anything. It's an opportunity to let your clients and customers feel that you are taking care, letting them know for example a percentage of your sales are going to a foundation or local charity - something the consumer can relate to. Many business's will put this into practice and its proven to have helped with sales and customer relations; you will be trusted and a face will have been put to your business... something a lot of people are still fixated on before making a decision.

Optimizing your page speed

A tip and recommendation you will get from any SEO consultant, but an important one never the less. Now that your optimizing your page for the holidays this is a perfect chance for you to check your page speeds and mobile pages. Mentioned in a previous article 47% of users expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less; this is not the time of year you can afford such a drastic loss of visitors. According to a load storm infographic, every one second of page load time decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.

You can see on how our article on how to increase webpage loading times here.

Lastly, you'll want to measure this campaign over the course of the holidays, check whats happening, and see how your results pan out. This will purpose as a great starting point for next season. Look closely at your bounce rates, traffic and rankings to see how you can optimize your content further. If i were you, i'd make a note of everything your doing for next year, it will creep up quicker than we know it.

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