Search engine optimization is the proces


SEO is a must for anyone who wants to outrank their competitors.


Placing higher in the SERP's is essential for increasing your performance and authority. Googles constantly updating algorithms makes it tricky for any site to stay in the lead without proper technical optimization. It's said that an average of 90% of people use Google when they are searching for goods or services, so its crucial for you to appear higher in those search results, and is it really something you can afford to neglect?

Having your website correctly optimized is a recipe for success, a quality, valuable and authoritative site will put you bounds ahead of your competitors who refuse to acknowledge the importance of SEO. Sure you could pay for advertisements, or having your website listed at the top of Google ads for a price, but a little of 2% of users actually interact with these, is it really worth the money?

If you're new to digital marketing take a look at what is SEO to get yourself familiarised before reading on!


In order for us to conjure up the perfect plan we will start by first analysing your keywords and market information. This results in a more accurate solution and allows us to capitalize on the opportunities we find. Everything we do is done right, there's no "wingin" it.


Our technical SEO will involve a crawl analysis, page indexation, duplicated content, page speed, and much more as we delve inside the technical aspects of your site making sure everything we find in our audit is improved or repaired.


Local SEO is a technique used to grow your business in local results. There are an incredible number of daily searches made which have the potential of local business, so our aim is to put you at the top of those results to draw that in and show Google you are the best local business around.


Content is one of the most important aspects of a website for SEO and non-SEO purposes alike. We offer blog management services to make sure your website is constantly providing new and fresh content for your niche.


Having SEO implementing on your website means you are more likely to capture high quality leads. It's no secret that almost anyone who conducts a search - including myself, is prone to clicking on one of the first 5 results. Now if the "potential customer" has found what they needed in the first 5 results they have no need to carry on, so what happens if your 30,000th? or 300th? or even 6th? you miss out on that sale.

Having a well-optimized site means you will never have that trouble again, being put at the top of the page ranks isn't just for show, the more visitors your site has the more leads it generates, and so on. No matter your type or size of business it benefits everyone to be at the top of the results. This is an essential marketing tool and needs to be utilised. See our blog for more.


Search engine optimization is an incredibly difficult skill to master, which is why done correctly, it will constantly reap the benefits.

Having SEO will massively increase your site's traffic, thus gaining new customers for your business. As well as greater visibility for your brand, SEO ensures that the smallest amount of people walk away after finding your website. With a carefully crafted funnel and design, your site will have a higher level of quality targeted traffic. Meaning the people who actually find your business, are more likely to stay, leading to improved ROI and CTR. The list of SEO benefits could go on.


Through SEO we will rank your businesses website for a number of long-tail keywords and phrases. This ensures your site will be found on Google through a number of search queries.

For example. If you were to own a cake store, naturally you would think you want to rank for "cakes", right? but in fact, not necessarily. It's very rare people would open up their search engine and search for the word "cakes", maybe their looking for a recipe? or making looking to buy? or maybe just looking for inspiration? This is why it's important to rank you for a number of keywords, so no matter what your customers type in to Google, you appear on the results page as often as possible.

When it comes to SEO this is no short cuts.


With a carefully crafted strategy and expertise at hand, we will aim to improve your online presence and boost your website as high as possible in Google ranks.


Our team will start with a site audit which consists of studying the technical aspects of your website to begin strategizing. At this point we will either present our findings and any recommendations we may have or simply go straight to optimizing your site and get stuck in with our in-house team; this is of course down to your preference. We will ensure any optimization and changes made are within Googles guidelines to fully optimize your site to the best possible performance.

Once we have completed a technical audit of your site we will also do the same with any content you may have. Again this step is completely up to you and we will make sure to contact you if need be.


Content is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of on-page/on-site optimization. Establishing your content is not only correctly sizing, displaying and positioning, but also making sure this is 100% relevant to your user. This will no doubt be a large and timely process but as we said, it is the most important optimization you can make.

Having your relevant content to your user is extremely important for SEO as it enhances the understanding - as well as relating to any search queries your consumers may have. However, it's not all about pleasing the user, completing content optimization also ensures the site is correctly understood by Google. Using specific words and phrases relating to your brand or topic will increase the search engine rankings; including things like your keywords. For example: if your business's website was about selling camping equipment, having these words scattered strategically into content will maximize your visibility for those terms, apposed to talking about filing your tax returns.

So to be clear - this isn't as easy as paying for likes and shares or having random ads pop up in places, this is about carefully and efficiently optimizing your site to result in the best possible outcome! 

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