Social Media is critical to your online success. It's not only a heavy lead magnet, but also a great SEO ranking signal. It's not to be underestimated!


Social media is the gateway to how many perceive your business, this is why it's so important that it's done right.


It's proven that most people will buy from a brand they know or follow to some extent on social media. As well as portraying your business in a way that attracts customers, it is also an excellent place to build relationships.


Social media has been on the rise for some time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. You can communicate with your clients, keep people updated on your business and give people the opportunity to provide feedback, this isn't something you can afford to miss.

Our social media management services offer a way to market your social media accounts better than ever. We will optimize your profiles in line with your objective and position your business for the road to success. We offer optimization and advertising management to drive real, organic traffic to your website and generate leads to convert in your businesses favour.


Most business will have some sort of social media account, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a number of other social platforms. Whether or not those accounts are active is another story.

Having an inactive social media account is basically as useless as not having one at all, if it isn't optimized properly or regularly used no-one will ever find it.

Which is why with Social Media Optimization; the first thing we will do is make sure your business has a social account on all the relevant networks. The network we use will depend on the type of business you are what we see as valuable and worth while.


We will create an account for a variety of platforms even if we only manage 2 of them. Eventhough above we said it's useless to have a social media account if it is inactive, it doesnt hurt to get your account locked in to help with your rankings. Also, the last thing you want is to decide to create a Twitter account a year down the line and discover someone else has taken your perfect handle.


Creating a social media account for your desired platform is the easy part. Optimization is the key for success. As social media will be a key component to your businesses success, you cant afford to wait and hope someone will stumble upon your page accidently.

Optimizing your social media accounts will ensure your business has the maximum visibility possible.

This will include our team providing their expert knowledge on the placement, details and many other aspects of your profile.


We start off by acquiring the login details for any social media accounts you may already have, then based on your preference we will set up accounts for your desired social sites and optimize these profiles to their full potential.


After we have completed optimization we will begin creating a plan, this plan will include aspects such as daily posts, video content, photos, and anything else we feel we need to action in order to create a weekly schedule. We will manage and optimize each post we put up and carefully schedule this content in order to receive the best possible outcome.


As well as managing and optimizing your social content we will manage advertising campaigns to promote your business to it's full potential. Depending on the monthly fee we have agreed upon, we include up to a certain amount of paid advertising free in our packages, anything over budget will be at an additional cost, but you don't need me to tell you the more you spend the higher the reach.

After we have supplied your business with our social media manager services we will provide you with either weekly or monthly reports, or if you'd like us to just get stuck in and keep the technical stuff to ourselves that's completely down to you!

You will also have complete control over anything posted on your social media accounts, we will always try to add a personal touch to each profile to create relationships and build brand trust, however you will always have the final say on what or how you would like to be portrayed.


Anyone can schedule weekly or daily posts to go out on your chosen social media but what does it actually do? Without correct optimization and planned scheduled content the possibilities are very limited on your reach.

With expert services, SMO provides you with the opportunity to generate leads by building relationships with your customers and followers through social media. You need to put a face to your business and make sure the people are connected to you in more of a way than just a like or a share. Social Media Optimization will give you the social edge over your competitors and make sure its your page they see and not another business's.

On top of building relationships, social metrics and generating leads, social media is also an incredibly powerful tool to drive increased traffic back to your website!

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